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SRL Group’s Commitments
SRL is committed to improving and maintaining high quality test data, including the improvement of sample transportation, advanced laboratory functions, and employee training.

SRL Group’s Commitments
In a clinical laboratory test, sample materials or storage conditions may differ depending on the types of test item. Collected samples may be unstable and susceptible to outside influences such as temperature and sunlight. SRL Group exercises the utmost consideration throughout the entire period from receiving the sample to conducting a test, and maintains the highest accuracy possible, so that we can present all test results as stable and high-quality data. To achieve this, we always devote a great deal of energy to automating/mechanizing laboratory functions, building a system for guaranteeing accuracy, and training employees. In particular, the College of American Pathologists (CAP), an authoritative external organization that certifies accuracy, and the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment started (ISO15189), an international standards for clinical testing laboratories, has certified the SRL Group’s main laboratories, including the Hachioji laboratory complex, for compliance with the standards of facility inspection.

Cirtified Laboratory by CAP
【Cirtified Laboratory by CAP】
Cirtified Laboratory by ISO15189 S
【Cirtified Laboratory by ISO15189 Standard】

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