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Corporate Philosophy
Contributing to the Development of a Healthy and Prosperous Society

Values and Traits
Customer Centricity
・Respond to medical care and healthcare needs, exceed customer expectations

Creation of New Value
・Strive for global value creation first and foremost; take risks to challenge and innovate
・Think and execute with global perspective
・Lead with result-orientation, speed and efficiency

Origin of SRL’s Corporate Message : Communication for Health
The word "communication" represents SRL's commitment to dialogue with patients, doctors and life itself while the words "for health" indicate SRL's determination to devote itself not only to "the clinical testing of specimens" but also to comprehensive medical care and health-related services with "health" being the key word.?

Origin of Corporate Name
SRL stands for "Special Reference Laboratories," the former name of the company, indicating the company's aim of acting as a reference laboratory for special testing (of clinical samples).
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